New Gate School

5237 Ashton Road, Sarasota, FL


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Why New Gate School?
The NewGate-Field School is the lab school of the Montessori Foundation. The school embodies the principles of best practice in authentic Montessori education that the Montessori Foundation teaches to Montessori school leaders around the world.

The Students
New Gate School students are able and willing to prioritize their choices, make a clear statement of their intent and then, act decisively. Morally, ethically, academically, socially, they are equipped to create for themselves healthy, happy, loving, wonderful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. New Gate School students are confident and curious. They lead, serve, create and achieve with courage and self-understanding. They care about themselves, their community and the earth. They are prepared to participate and lead in their future.

The School
At its core, New Gate School continually strives to be a vibrant experience where children are actively engaged in their future every day, at every age. Faculty and staff are inspired, leadership is courageous and families are committed to the success of students through the success of the school. A community of individuals, New Gate School acts on behalf of creative individuals, a purposeful community and a healthy earth. New Gate School values its responsibility to its students and their future. The school's future is broadcast from a single, green-based campus.

Binding Core Values
Understanding and respect for the individual, for human relationships, for the earth and for the human creative learning potential are New Gate School's core values.

New Gate School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, and the American Montessori Society. New Gate School is also a Member of the National Association of Independent Schools.

Hours of Operation